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Financial Strategies to Make Work Optional for Mining Executives

Many resource executives enjoy high incomes, which allow them a degree of lifestyle choice and freedom. However, many do not maximize their opportunities to accumulate significant wealth.

Our goal is to put you in a position where work is no longer a requirement, but rather a choice you make because of interest and passion.

We know mining, and understand the challenges you face as a mining executive when it comes to optimizing your own personal net worth. Here are just a few...


    • Unparalleled industry cyclicality
    • Structuring and diversifying share option packages
    • Planning an investment exit strategy when leaving or retiring

    • Lack of time due to frequent travel
    • Need for investment diversification and tax efficiency
    • Specific skillset in mining, but not in personal financial planning

Mining executives face some of the most cyclical business conditions on the planet making it imperative to have a proactive plan in place that can adapt to the external environment.

The mining clock below, originally developed by Investec, highlights the industry indicators that we see over time as the mining cycle progresses. With a complete understanding of this clock, we are able to develop a proactive plan for our mining clients during all periods of the volatile resource cycle.

We encourage you to click the various numbers on the clock to get an idea of some of the key indicators that we look for when we are constructing plans for our clients

The Mining Clock

Mining Clock Interactive

Thompson Investment Partners (TIP) works with high profile executives in the mining industry who rely on our team for cutting edge investment strategies and our in-depth understanding of the unique challenges facing the industry.

The foundation for our approach starts with an in-depth discovery meeting with every prospective client. By fully understanding an individual and their industry of employment, we are able to create a truly customized plan. We only take on select clients to whom we believe we can provide maximum benefit.

If you are an executive working in the mining and resource industry, you deserve a tailored investment strategy that is designed specifically for the challenges you face.