Aviation Professionals

Airplane in Flight

Thompson Investment Partners (TIP) is a specialist in wealth management for Canada’s Aviation Leaders. With a proven and repeatable approach to wealth protection and wealth enhancement, we offer services that are tailored to an exclusive group of aviation business owners, executives and senior airline pilots. This checklist based approach is unique to the challenges of the aviation industry and built to serve high-net-worth individuals whom we believe we can give maximum benefit.

Our Aviation Business Owner Service Package Includes:

  • Award winning active portfolio management as well as access to some of the best money managers in the country
  • Alternative investments which are exclusive to high net worth investors
  • Access to leading industry research and regular calls with aviation industry analysts and leaders
  • Access to TIP Aviation professional network
  • Retirement Planning, Tax Strategies, Charitable Giving Structures, and Business Succession Planning

  • Are You... 

    • Neglecting your own finances as a result of a fast moving, cyclical, competitive industry?
    • Concerned about tax consideration in concentrated equity positions?
    • Keen on protecting your own wealth?

    We Are the Wealth Management Solution for Canada's Aviation Leaders.

  • Are You... 

    • Looking to implement a plan that will financially benefit you and future generations to come?
    • Seeking the expertise of a group that can create a formalized plan for you?

    We Specialize in Helping Aviation Business Owners Reach Their Unique Wealth Goals.